Hello this is the homepage welcome to the website yaaay, happy to have you. 


So for the longest time i have wanted to write anything and everything but I was never quite willing to put myself out there. I always made excuses and about last year I finally put my foot down and took the chance in all honesty I am learning as I go.


What is my blog about ?

That is an interesting question, before starting my blog i obviously did my research and one of the first things mentioned was finding a niche, I personally love a whole lot of different types of things and I am am interested in a whole lot of different topics so I would simply say this is a lifestyle and personal growth blog and I just want to take people along with me on this journey and hopefully we can grow together.


More about me.

First of all I’m Tori, and I am especially horrible at writing about myself so I am hoping that you will get to know me better as we move along and i will get know you too.


Last but not least thank you for making your way over to my page I really appreciate hope you learn something new.

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